Looking up while riding.


I hadn’t meant to take a companion photo to yesterday’s, but after a long workday and a rainy ride home, I was a bit enchanted by the view from the top deck of the bus.

An important face.

Looking down while walking.


I spend too much time looking down while walking. It’s bad for my posture and for my perspective. But I do occasionally find things down there that make me smile.


(Flickr doesn’t let me embed a slideshow here anymore — I remember when Flickr was an actual photo-sharing website, imagine that — but you might be interested in these photos.)

Scotland As an Xbox Game by Andrew C. Ferguson


I meant to post this on The Morning After but got waylaid by my workweek, and then everything seemed saturated with the rawness of reaction so I put it off. Is it safe now? I hope so. Or maybe I don’t …

This is Andrew C. Ferguson reading his poem “Scotland As an Xbox Game” with a teeny contribution from me. Tell us what you think in the comments.

Inside the Spiegeltent.


Thank you to everyone who attended my Story Shop reading today at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. It was an unforgettable experience. Once again I was reminded of how wonderfully supportive the Edinburgh literary community is, and I was especially grateful for everyone who took a moment out of your day to let me tell you a story.

I hope to tell you many more!

The full text and audio excerpt of my story “Leftovers” are available on the City of Literature Trust’s website.

My publications and other appearances are listed on my “Fiction” page.