Day 324 of Project 365: The Boys

Day 324 of Project 365: The Boys

The boys are best buds.

Day 324 of Project 365: The Boys

gratitude: seeing this when I walk into a room · knocking things I will never, ever have to do again off my to-do list · falling for Hipstamatic all over again

Don’t stop believin’, a lip dub for FunkyPlaid.

Screencap from Don't Stop Believin' Lipdub

After 299 emails, 5.09 GB of movies, weeks of very little sleep, and so much iMovie-bashing, I present my birthday gift for FunkyPlaid, a lip dub of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated, who lent moral support, who tolerated my dithering over the choice of song, and especially to the Gamescape crew who stealthily set everything up to show him the video at the store tonight.

(He was floored.)

I regret not being able to include more of everyone. There was just too much rock for one video.

a photo a day, day 29


For the photo a day meme: a photo of someone you find attractive.

breakfast at kennedy school


chapter three


Chapter one: we finally get the timing right.

Chapter two: the proposal and acceptance.

Chapter three begins today!

I would write more about this now, but I have to go get married to the best person ever. Tough life, eh?

procrastination day


So today I read about 300 pages in “Twilight”, washed the bathroom floor, scrubbed the toilet and sink and part of the shower, did the dishes, organized presents, edited some poetry, and wrote two holiday cards. That’s all: two cards. I have no idea how I am going to get these out before New Year’s.

Saturdays make me a little wiggidy, to be honest. I usually feel guilty for having the day off because FunkyPlaid doesn’t. Today he and just one other employee ran the whole store, open to close. After FunkyPlaid got home, he collapsed on the bed and didn’t even stay awake for the scotch I poured him. Torgi jumped up, curled up, and that was that.

I believe that is about to be that for me, too.