12 Photos from ’12


Since Project 365 dominated my blogging life in 2012, I thought I’d do a year-in-review with photos. Despite life-devouring grad school, it was a pretty epic year.

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Day 59 of Project 365: Blueglow

I battled seasonal affective disorder.

Day 102 of Project 365: Hanging Out

I started weekly Google+ Hangouts for my grad school program.

The Kettle and I

I had my first short story publication.

Day 159 of Project 365: Magic Horses

I discovered more of this magical place with local friends and faraway ones who visited.

I did my first spoken word performance in Edinburgh.

I did my first spoken word performance in Edinburgh.

Day 255 of Project 365: Inner Depths

I saw the Fringe for the first time.

Day 278 of Project 365: Together

I stood up for the wedding of dear friends.

Day 319 of Project 365: Bupa Great Edinburgh Run 5K

I ran my first race.

Day 332 of Project 365: Easy-Peasy

I cooked and ate a ton of food.

Day 335 of Project 365: Séance Fiction

I joined Writers’ Bloc.

Commencement, Finally

Although this wasn’t a Project 365 photo, I have to include it: I finished library school! (Photo by Tom Lally.)

Happy New Year, everyone. Thanks for reading.

Day 365 of Project 365: Complete

Day 365 of Project 365: Complete

It has been a bizarre, wonderful, exhausting, and exhilarating year. I took many photos of cats and notebooks and food. I saw my first Fringe, the wedding of dear friends, and the ending of my favourite game. I spent time with friends in real life and in virtual worlds. I did stupid amounts of coursework and not enough anything else.

When I started this project a year ago, I didn’t think taking a photo a day would be so tough. And I don’t think it would be so tough for the person I want to be. That person has the time to be something other than a student, the energy to explore the world around her, and the presence of mind to enjoy it, photographed or not.

So I’m going to go be her now. But before I go, thank you. Thank you for every comment and every email, every pat on the back and every reality check. I needed them all. Here, have a slice of pie. Heck, have two! You’ve earned them.

Day 365 of Project 365: Complete

gratitude: amazing friends who cooked us an excellent Thanksgiving dinner tonight, with roast turkey and everything · all of my family and friends, new and old, here and there, for supporting me throughout this year · not having to take any photos tomorrow!

Day 364 of Project 365: Old and New

Day 364 of Project 365: Old and New

I spend much of my days with these two surfaces, notebook and tablet, fountain pen and stylus, words and code.

Day 364 of Project 365: Old and New

This photo pretty much sums me up as a person, not only in the specific tools I appreciate but in the sensibilities I inhabit.

Today I got pretty worked up over coursework again. These group projects … I know that the entire working world is comprised of group projects, I really do know that. But in the working world, at least I could motivate people with paychecks or the lack thereof. I’m at a total loss as to how to motivate my colleagues in library school.

So I just won’t. Head down, finish my own stuff, and document everything in the final assessment. I guess that sounds mean. Self-preservation feels a little mean.

gratitude: Rachel, who is not only in library school but law school concurrently and still makes time to commiserate with me over shell scripts and server load · having very patient cats and a very patient FunkyPlaid who put up with my harassment during homework breaks · only one more day of Project 365 to go!

Day 363 of Project 365: December, I’m Yours

Day 363 of Project 365: December, I'm Yours

Project 365 might be ending, but you won’t be rid of me just yet. I am participating in Holidailies again this year, writing once a day for the month of December. I even have a fancy banner, courtesy of FunkyPlaid:


I am eager to get back to writing about what’s going on instead of scrambling for a photograph to share at 5 minutes to midnight.

Also, “December” starts to look very sinister when repeated.

Day 363 of Project 365: December, I'm Yours

gratitude: looking forward to not thinking about information policy someday soon · looking forward to my trip to the States · looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner (yes, really, with turkey and everything)

Day 362 of Project 365: Fall in Line

Day 362 of Project 365: Fall in Line

Before I went gluten-free, I was too intimidated to try making homemade lasagne. Even though I knew it was basically just layer-cake pasta — how hard can that be? — I avoided making it.

Post G-Day, one of the first recipes I learned how to make was polenta vegetable lasagne. Using pre-cooked polenta and jarred pasta sauce it is one of the easiest recipes I make.

But that’s just a little too easy. Feeling confident some months ago, I decided to purchase gluten-free lasagne noodles from Tesco. And promptly got intimidated again.

Today I’ve been feeling quite sassy. I sent that email and let go of a bunch of stress. Not all of it, but a lot of it. I even indulged in a mid-afternoon nap. So tonight I saw those noodles in the cupboard and decided what the hell.

So easy.

My favourite part, of course, was lining up all the partially-cooked lasagne noodles. I couldn’t trust them to behave at that point, though, so this is a ‘before’ photo. Look at how orderly!

Day 362 of Project 365: Fall in Line

gratitude: finishing the second sleeve of FunkyPlaid’s jumper · crossing off more items on my task list · that nap