whirlwind trip

I don’t have an adequate wrap-up of my whirlwind weekend in Chicago. I wrote one entry in the airport on the way there, but then neglected my computer the rest of the time. I spent lots of quality time shopping with my mom, setting up a network for her and her boyfriend’s computers, working on a neat craft project, and then going to the Jeff Awards ceremony last night. She didn’t win an award, but the citation itself is quite an honor. I was incredibly proud of her last night, as I always am. The trip itself was much too short, and I didn’t get to hang out with Jason or Adam, but that was okay, since this trip was really about my mom and not about me at all. And I was so happy to be there with her on her big night.

This morning we overslept the alarm, set for 05:00, and somehow managed to get to the airport by 06:45. My plane left at 08:00 CDT, arrived at 11:00 PDT, then I drove quickly back home to pet Zen for five minutes and turn around and come right to work. Whew. I’m stuck here till 21:30, and they’re drilling into the concrete upstairs for the new shelving. Should be interesting.

Yesterday I kept racking my brain, trying to think of why the ninth of June was niggling at me so. Then I realized why, as I was falling asleep on my mom’s couch, but I was too exhausted to post it then. Happy birthday to Mish!