apple whine

Tentacles is still non-functional; I suspect it is a monitor issue and not a motherboard one, which is good. And then again not good, because I’m going to need help taking the monitor into the Emeryville Apple Store. It’s just too damned unwieldy and heavy for me to do it by myself.

With the inheritance from my grandmother I recently received, I decided to purchase a 12″ PowerBook. This has been an exercise in stupidity. The first problem was that my Visa debit card has a daily spending limit that is under the cost of the PowerBook. I called my bank to ask them to increase the limit for this one purchase, and they refused. I immediately called Apple to let them know I would be sending in a cashier’s check instead, which they agreed to happily, as long as it was within 7 calendar days. Great! I had plenty of time. Lunchtime today was the first chance I had to go to my bank to get the cashier’s check and send it off. I returned to work, and discovered that I had received an email informing me that my order had been cancelled because I hadn’t paid for it.


All I want to do is buy a new computer. How hard can this be?

The best part is that now my conscience is smirking and saying, “See, you didn’t deserve a new computer, anyway!” O, how I would love to bitch-slap my conscience.

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