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I woke up to NPR stating that Condoleezza Rice will testify publicly and under oath after all.

And then someone posted this poignant Flash movie to the muck, and I realized it doesn’t matter what Ms. Rice says, under oath or not under oath, in private or in public. Too much damage has already been done, and there are people in power who blatantly lie to us while most Americans sit passively and do nothing to change the regime.

I still look forward to November, but now I’m just nauseated whenever I think about the presidential election. There’s always that possibility that we won’t re-defeat Bush, and then what? Time to move to Europe?

Bah. Happy Tuesday.

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2 thoughts on “remind us

  1. Yeah, Davy and I heard that too and both said “Finally!” but yeah, what WILL happen in November if he is re-elected? And I need to look up the latest poling data to see what the chances are.

    On a similar note. Davy mentioned that he would like to see an intelligent, non-religious, non-bigoted that is against gay marriage. Whereas I just get angry and call those people names, he wants to actually hear the other side. So if you or anyone reading this knows a good and logical argument for the other side, please let me know.


  2. Whenever I hear sensible sounding arguments on that side of the issue, I hear undertones of “I’m rationalizing the fundamental hate/self-righteous fiction that is at the true core of my opinion.” I too would be interested in hearing good arguments opposed to gay marriage. At present, I’m afraid I’m completely convinced they do not exist.

    As to the rest, you guys know if they’ve got a station set up for broadcasting Air America out of SF yet? I know an SF station is planned, but thus far I haven’t seen a specific call sign or frequency. Maddening. I WANT MY FRANKEN! Things like Air America make me almost excited about the possibility of losing in 2004. Which is a nice silver lining to the abject horror that is my main emotion on the topic…

    What I thought was telling/funny/distressing/I cry at night/whatever about the Rice issue was the administration going, “Gah…damn…okayokayfine. You can question her in public, FINE. But…um…JUST her, k? I mean, seriously. This isn’t a precident. You can talk to Condi, but for the love of god, not any….not anyone else. You know? Seriously!..?” Great, guys. Real subtle.

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