Gmail and Big Wheels

Whether or not you think Gmail is evil, it’s the best webmail I’ve ever used. I’ve been playing with it since Wednesday morning, and I must say that I am mightily impressed. It’s got filters, labels, flags, keyboard shortcuts, searching, spam reporting, spellcheck, and an excellent way to handle conversation threads. Plus, it’s damned fast. (I didn’t even mention the one gigabyte of storage part.) I am too lazy to snap and post screenshots, but Kevin Fox wasn’t.

And for those of you still up in arms about the “evil” thing, let me point you at another post from Kevin Fox, entitled “Personal Data and You”. If you really think that your remotely-hosted email, free or not, is 100% secure and private, you need a big fat reality check. With PGP on top. But hey, I’m always up for friendly debate, so knock yourself out in comments to this entry if you are so inclined.

And because I am completely unable to write a one-topic blog entry anymore, have you heard about Bring Your Own Big Wheel? The fourth annual plastic kiddie bike race down Lombard will take place this Sunday. The MSG and I will be in attendance, although sadly not participating, since I can’t find a kid whose Big Wheel I can “borrow” and consequently wreck by slamming it down the curviest street in the world. Ah well. There’s always next year.

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5 thoughts on “Gmail and Big Wheels

  1. I don’t think Gmail is evil. I’m just bummed I didn’t get in one the beta. I’d definitely switch from Hotmail.

  2. Hotmail has always been a joke, interface-wise and service-wise. It only became popular because of marketing. Yahoo! Mail is slightly better, and has nice integration with the rest of Yahoo!’s services, but it has needed threading for a long time now. Also, I bridled at the fact when some of its earlier free services became pay ones.

    I truly think Gmail is the best free webmail service, but it might not be able to withstand the critics, who seem unusually loud … where were they when Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail asked for their personal information to open an account?

  3. Not that I think any of the others are any better. But it might be worth reading this regarding Gmail.

    Rule of thumb: If you want to keep info private, don’t put it on a computer (any computer).

    And Halsted, thanks, glad to find you.

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