One of my employees is very ill today, so I’m at home for a while before heading back to close till 23:00. Fun. I had to cancel dinner plans with the MSG, but maybe this will break my insomnia into little pieces.

I signed up for Dodgeball, which is, to quote my friend Ryan, “creepy and cool at the same time.” Now I can email the service from my mobile with my current location and it will broadcast my location to all of my friends who have signed up and been approved. It will also let me know if any friends-of-friends are within ten blocks of me.

Creepy, yet cool.

Which reminds me: T-Mobile now carries the Nokia 6600, which I was lusting after before the MSG showed me the 7610. And then it was just all over.

[Update: I had to add this review and this gallery of the Nokia 7610 from MobileBurn. I’m actually drooling now.]

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7 thoughts on “mobility

  1. Did you ever try melatonin for your insomnia? I have a bonus bottle here (part of a buy-one-get-one-free deal) that I could send you. It’s worked so well for me, even after I thought I was doomed to be awake till two my whole life.

    That Dodgeball program sounds one step removed from having a tracking bracelet around your ankle, yet I find myself wanting to try it.

  2. Whoever did the design work on that phone is a fucking commodity. Wow is that snazzy. I want one.

    And regarding dodgeball, I lust for the aggregate data that they’ll have if their service becomes popular. Can you imagine? Where are the hotspots. What are the clusters. Who is in what cluster. Where can you find intersections of different kinds of people. What other data correlates with shifts of clusters across locations and variance of population over time. (4 fold increase in clientelle anywhere that Johnny Rocket happens to be playing tonight). Ho-ly-fuc-king-shit could you learn a lot from that in a goddamn hurry.

  3. I lust after the gold mine of info also, but more than that I don’t want anyone to have access to it. There’s just too many scary things that could come out of that.

  4. Okay, here I try again with the nested comments …

    I didn’t try melatonin; I instead went to my doctor and got a tranquilizer. I haven’t been using it because I’m worried about becoming addicted to them.

    I’m concerned that melatonin might interfere with my birth control pills. That would be so very utterly bad.

  5. You scared the hell out of me with that birth control comment; that’s why I quit taking St. John’s Wort years ago (the known interaction whereby SJW renders hormonal birth control semi-useless figured into a tiny B-plot on ER a few weeks ago.) Fortunately, what I can find indicates that melatonin, if anything, has a contraceptive effect:

    B-Oval uses melatonin rather than estrogen:

    Probably the birth control pill talked about here:

    Most interesting headline produced from this google: “Melatonin can help blind people with insomnia.” I guess not being able to see light really fucks up your diurnal cycle. Who knew?

    Is there [for serious] some study that shows melatonin reducing the efficacy of birth control pills? If so, HELLO AMBIEN.

  6. I haven’t read anything except a vague “may interfere with the absorption of hormones” in relation to melatonin and that just makes me wary. Sorry to freak you out. I should do some library research in the morning.

    I’m ready to try melatonin tonight. I actually got sleepy, took a sedative, laid down with the lights out, and here I am again. And I have a big trip today. This is really, really, really frustrating.

  7. That is a neat Nokia phone, though I am getting a bit worn out with their consistent attempt at reinventing the wheel, er, touchpad. I would like to see Nokia make it into the clamshell world and leave the soap-bar world behind.

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