moleskine love

Warning: insomnia-induced mushiness follows!

My current written journal is kept in a Moleskine. To say I am happy with this notebook would be an understatement to end all understatements. Its heavy cream acid-free pages, its elastic closure, its stitched-in bookmark all make me deliriously happy. I adore gluing bus transfers and dried flower petals and ticket stubs into it. And writing in it with my fountain pen tickles my every nerve.

Earlier today, after two months of owning this incredible notebook, I discovered the inner note holder.

Inner. Note. Holder.

Pardon me while I melt.

If you are melting, too, you should visit Moleskinerie, a blog devoted to this exquisite little thing.

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6 thoughts on “moleskine love

  1. I use a medium nib Monteverde Olympia, the very same one you pointed out via your LiveJournal a few months ago. The paper does not feather in the least.

  2. Finally! Someone who understands the Moleskine! I’ve used one for years, there’s simply none better. Only took me two weeks to find the note holder heheh…

  3. I have two or three of these. They’re so nice I can’t bring myself to use them.

    Which size Moleskine?

  4. yeah i have a couple of moleskines as well — the small, lined versions. i adore them. i was bad and bought a new one even though my current one is only 30 pages full.

    i love the small-lined paper. i write really small so i enjoy the confinement of the page. it makes what i write seem very intense and important even though it is usually just about ninja bears.

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