5 thoughts on “Audio Moblog

  1. Your voice sounds eerily like how I “hear” you when I read your postings. Perhaps I’ll try an AudioBlog — though I am always alarmed by how different my recorded voice sounds compared to how I anticipate it.

    Books books books… One of the reasons we bought a house is because we ran out of room for books in our apartment. We used to, on an occasional dull rainy afternoon, count our library, but we’ve given that up since hitting four digits. I empathize with your pining for your boxed-up babies.

  2. So, did you get to sleep alright? *smile* the last time I actually heard your voice, as opposed to reading it, was as the result of a bet as I recall… your rendition of “Oops I did it again” still makes me smile regardless of what else may be flying by my head! When I get bored of my usual playlist and go searching amongst my archive of mp3’s I stumble across it.

  3. May the move proceed smoothly and you re-acquire the desire to possess your books!

  4. Wow, she speaks and you didn’t sound like an enraged bonobo to me.

    Good luck with the move and some time we’ll talk about sleep.

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