For my fellow compulsive correctors of iTunes info: “This program takes songs that you’ve chosen in your iTunes Library, that have incorrect or missing information for Title, Artist or Album, and then uses the sound of each song to match it with the correct information maintained in the MusicBrainz Database.”

The best part of this program is that it’s called iEatBrainz.

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  1. speaking of brains, we broke out Give Me the Brain this past Saturday, which was much fun. At this point I’m pretty much assuming that you’re never showing up at another gathering of more than 4 people, which motivates me to suggest once again that we hang out more deliberately. Can I draw you out for a drink sometime this weekend or next? I could introduce you to my friend Kristin, since she’s interning up in the city this summer. Drop me a line, eh? ::warmth::

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