you had me at REO

In between editing boring documentation on student assistants, I keep pondering my dream vacation. For those of you too terrified to click that link — and really, I can’t blame you — it’s a cruise. But not any cruise, no. I will quote part of the website:

You will have “absolute inside access”, spending a week vacationing in the Caribbean featuring 3 of Rock’s biggest artists, Journey, REO Speedwagon & Styx.

Journey, REO and Styx have agreed to this once in a lifetime experience for you, but space is extremely limited and cabins will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Relive some of the best days of Rock & Roll while you get up-close and personal with the bands. This is not a regular stop on a tour… your R&R Holiday Escape includes:

  • Sail crystal blue waters on our exclusive 7-day cruise through the Western Caribbean (all accommodations meals, entertainment, taxes, and gratuities are included).
  • 3 private concerts aboard the Carnival Triumph with Journey, REO Speedwagon, and Styx. This is an extremely intimate venue limited to 500 passengers and their guests.
  • Not just performing…45 minute Q&A session with each band revealing 30 years of great Rock & Roll history (dig up the dirt)
  • 2 complimentary Rock and Roll cocktail parties with open bar and hot and cold hors d’oeuvres
  • Hand screened merchandise exclusively designed for the R&R Holiday Escape
  • Trivia Contests
  • Slot & Gaming tournaments
  • Complimentary membership in the Ocean Player’s Club (this membership entitles you to special VIP privileges, promotions, specials and cash-back rewards)
  • Rock ‘N’ Roll Golf Tournament for cash and prizes
  • Chances to win memorabilia, CD’s, meet & greets, photo ops, and many more fun surprises to be announced

I don’t think I can take any more fun surprises, really. I mean, hot and cold hors d’oeuvres. In my mind’s eye I can see myself playfully flinging cocktail-sauce-dipped shrimp across the buffet table at Tommy Shaw as he pounds his fifteenth Corona and rocks back and forth, quietly mumbling, “please god has it really come to this i want to die.”

Rock. On.

10 thoughts on “you had me at REO

  1. styx, journey, and reo
    as if we needed a reason
    to take a cruise to mexico
    styx, journey, and reo
    steve perry, dennis, and kevin cro
    loviní, touchiní and squeeziní
    styx, journey, and reo
    as if we needed a reason

  2. I honestly thought you were joking.

    Trapped on a ship with Journey, REO, and Styx.

    And that’s before you die and go to the 9th circle of Hell.

  3. I would *love* to take a cruise like that, but one thing does concern me.

    Using them as an example, last year I saw notice that Journey was playing in a venue close to me. Being that Journey is one of my all-time favorite groups, this immediately got my interest. Until I happened to find out that lead-singer Steve Perry was not performing with the group. How can you have “Journey” without Steve Perry. Needless to say, I didn’t go.

    I don’t see any mention on the website of who is performing within each band. And without knowing its the original members, I’d be hesitant to plunk those greenbacks down.

  4. Yeah, but you’ll notice that they don’t actually promise any interaction with the band members other than at the concerts….unless you PAY for PLATINUM, baby!

    From the FAQ: “Can I meet the band(s)?
    There are several ways to meet the bands: 1) by purchasing certain platinum packages, you will be included on a meet & greet with each artist; 2) there will be drawings nightly where winners will get a meet & greet or cocktail party with the bands; 3) the band members will be on the ship and you can always go over and say hello.

    Will the bands stay on the ship for the entire cruise?
    Although we can’t guarantee that the bands are on the ship for the entire cruise, we have designed a great program around the artists to create an amazing experience.”


  5. “Absolute Inside Access” : What the coolies who grease the engines in the bilge have.
    “…limited to 500 passengers and their guests…” and “…cabins will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis…” : I wonder how many of the 500 passengers (and their guests) can be crammed into each cabin before they (the cabins) are deemed to be filled.

  6. This is for all the people that won’t go see Journey without Perry. Journey has never been Perry’s band, it was and is Neal Schon’s band. This band is better now than ever before. If you have a chance go see them and judge then and not before you’ve seen them live. I will be on the cruise, Neal Schon was the only reason I needed to make that decision.

    Rock on !

  7. Listen, Ronald, I agree that Journey used to be the best band in the world – but has it come to this? If anybody had said to Neil Schon on the Frontiers tour, for example, when they were packing out baseball stadiums throughout the land, that in twenty years time he’d be playing on a cruise ship, he wouldn’t have believed it for a second. Remember when Spinal Tap played second on the bill to a puppet show? Let go. Stop believin’.

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