happy farscape dance

During this utterly hellish day I get one stellar bit of brightness, thanks to Lucy: the trailer for the Farscape miniseries is up at apple.com.

Pardon me while I do my little happy Farscape dance!

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2 thoughts on “happy farscape dance

  1. I have mixed feelings about this.

    Part of me is doing that same happy dance. I think Farscape was one of the best works of sci-fi on TV. And yeah, I’ll admit to being a sexist pig…Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black) makes me drool.

    But the cynical part of me is afraid that the Powers That Be are going to screw the fans again like they did in the last minute of the final episode.

  2. Speaking as someone who has only ever flirted with Farscape across the smoky sci-fi bar, it looked intriguing to me.

    Mind you, I’m still getting used to the fact that Starbuck is now a woman.

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