Okay, I don’t usually use this outlet for political expression, but I have to share some links with you all today. Actually, I wrote this on Sunday but just now have the chance to post it.

RNCWatch is doing a fine job of covering the RNC from the protester’s perspective. But do you know there’s also A31, RNCnotwelcome.org, and Counter Convention, just to name my favorites? There’s also truthout’s coverage. I’m a big fan of truthout.

Are we all tired of Michael Moore yet? No? Then read this letter to Bush called “Deserter’s Delight”.

The MSG sent me a link to GeorgeWBush.org today and it’s cracking me up.

And then there’s “Page 3 – Model Propaganda: The Sun, The Girls, The Truth” — what to say about that except OMGWTFBBQ?

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