Kaiser Excitement

Kaiser Excitement

The big excitement of this Monday is that I have spent a goodly part of it at the downtown office of my HMO. I have a badly infected leg wound and have since been nominated as the poster child of Don’t Pick Scabs. Right now I’m waiting in line for my anti-gross drugs, going on hour two because the doc sent my scrip to the wrong pharmacy. I only wish he had sent my fever and cold sweats there, too. At least I have my Sidekick II.

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3 thoughts on “Kaiser Excitement

  1. hi. my name is lara, and i too am a scab picker.

    hey! take a picture of the wound. yeah.

    well, at least it isn’t a fungus, right?

    i hope you are feeling better and healing quite soon. love you, dear!

  2. Ah, a demonstration of the superiority of American private healthcare. Not like those evil European socialized medical systems where you have to wait and stuff.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  3. I am so totally jelouse that you have a sidekick! GRR!! I need to get the camera on my phone working.. its such a chore to sign up for MM

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