election evening

I’m about to leave work a little early so I can vote. This morning, I walked past a polling place (not mine) and the line was around the block. People were chatting with each other and cheerful. I hope they’re still in such a good mood tonight.

According to CNN.com’s election coverage, Indiana, Georgia, West Virginia and Kentucky have gone to Bush, and Vermont has gone to Kerry. Unsurprising.

Four years ago, I was blasé enough about Dubya’s upcoming reign of ignorance that I wrote Al Gore’s concession haiku:

Bush, you cocksucker.
I could have had it all, bitch.
In four years, fear me.

My haiku today is a little different:

Four more years of what?
Deception, terror, and greed?
No thanks. Bye, Dubya.

Here’s hoping. See you after my civic duty.

5 thoughts on “election evening

  1. I remember that Gore haiku and it’s still as funny today as it was then, Halsted. But I like the new one better, because I hope (and pray) that we really are telling the cocksucker goodbye.

  2. Being a resident of Indiana, I can tell you it is no great surprise that Bush won here. If Indiana favored a Democrat for President the earth would split to the core. I would swear Hitler could carry Indiana if he ran as a Republican.

    As I mentioned in my own journal, I voted Libertarian this year. This gives me the comfort of having voted, my vote serves a purpose (I want the Libertarians to get enough percentage of the vote in Indiana to get an automatic appearance on the ballot for 2008), and I can honestly say I didn’t vote for either of The Assholes.

  3. I live in GA and me and the DH voted kerry, and the first 6 women i talked to at work today voted for kerry. I DONT GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Also i was part of the 20% that DIDNT want to ban gay marriage.


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