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According to MSNBC (television, not website), an unconfirmed AP report says Kerry has called Bush to concede.

I know this election had more issues than the presidential race, but, aside from the stem-cell research in California, every one of them is disappointing me right now. I got so worked up about it all that I forgot to take my Cipro before bed last night.

Yes, I’m disappointed in the election results. Yes, I wish Kerry had won resoundingly, not because I believe in who he is now but because I believe in who he could become. But what angers me more than anything else is hearing 18-29 year olds bragging about how they didn’t vote. “Voting is a choice, not a right,” they explain. “I made my statement by not saying anything at all. I didn’t like any of the candidates, so why vote for them?”

Wait a few years. You’ll feel like an asshole for doing it in a few years when you actually give a shit about anything outside yourself. That’s called “guilt” and you feel it when you grow this thing called a “conscience”. Because when you vote, you don’t just vote for yourself. You vote for your friends and your family, as well as younger citizens who can’t vote yet. You vote for where you live and how it fits into the rest of the world. Your silence ensures status quo or worse.

But I won’t have to go on explaining this, because you’ll see. You’ll see.

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6 thoughts on “you’ll see

  1. Kids actually said that?!


    “It’s a choice, not a right”!?!!?

    If you aren’t white in this country, it’s a hard-earned right.

    If you don’t have a penis, it’s a hard-earned right.

    If you don’t own property, it’s a right. If you’re illiterate, it’s a right. If you’re not Protestant, it’s a right. All rights that weren’t there when this country was started.

    If you’re fucking between the ages of 18 and 21, it’s a right that wasn’t there when this country started.

    Voting wasn’t a given when we started this country. Why do people take it for granted? Why? Why? Fucking why? I was 17 during the presidential elections of 1988, three months shy of 18. I was pissed that I had to wait until I was almost 22 to participate in a presidential election. I couldn’t wait. Why do people throw it away now?

    I’m hung in a space between tears and violence. I am too much in shock. I suppose it’s mourning. You’re correct, ‘Sted. They’ll see. I hope and pray that they’ll see.

  2. I am 20 years old, and I voted. This, being the first presidential election I could participate in, was a disappointment, but I take consolidation in the fact that there were the other 48% who joined with me in a chorus of voice for Kerry.

    My classmates told me they voted.

    How dare they say that they think they’re making a statement by not voting. All you got to do is sit your lazy ass on the floor.

    If you don’t like any of the candidate, you still show up at that poll and you vote, even if it’s a write-in candidate.

  3. I was a very disappointed and angry gal the first few days following the election. The evening following the concession phone call I went to a demonstration meet-up of like-minded people. Anarchist young people were there, convinced that they had a right to be angry. I found myself far more irritated with these anarchist kids than those who voted for Bush.

    My anger was so thick flowing through my veins that I had to restrain myself from choking a kid who said he had not in fact voted. Instead I told him “It’s your fault that Bush has been elected.” My boyfriend, who I felt should have been just as outraged as me that this punk had chosen to remain a part of the problem and do nothing to be a part of the solution tried to quiet me. I just do not get why these young people throw away this amazing right we’ve been given to take part in things. I always knew that voting was a responsibility and a right and absolutely invaluable. How do they not?

    When will everyone see just how blessed we are to have this right to vote?

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