babysitting the college students

I think the memo I just composed speaks for itself.

Dear student assistants:

A few weeks ago, I discovered a plethora of prurient pop-up windows on the front-side circulation workstation. Being no Internet neophyte, I realized this meant that the workstation was being used for more than work activities — and, in this case, for activities that are completely unacceptable in the workplace.

As I was examining this workstation, I also found that someone had installed Yahoo! Toolbar, Yahoo! Messenger, WeatherBug, and AOL Instant Messenger. Needless to say, these are also unacceptable uses of the circulation workstations.

If I was unclear before, I apologize. Let me be perfectly clear now. These workstations do not belong to you. You do not have my permission to install anything on these workstations. Please note the word I am using: workstations. That means they are used for work, and your work is comprised of running this circulation desk, not instant messaging or downloading porn.

I have uninstalled all irrelevant software from these workstations. If you install software on these workstations in the future, the consequence will be the loss of your work-study job.

If anything in this letter is unclear, make an appointment with me to discuss it.


Okay, I didn’t sign it that way, but I should have.

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4 thoughts on “babysitting the college students

  1. Sounds like it’s time to look into disabling admin privileges from any account that isn’t yours and/or establishing an admin account that only you have the password to.

  2. not that I don’t feel your pain … but isn’t the point of work study to get students ready for their future lives as corporate drones? and won’t those lives mostly consist of (ahem) jerking off and bullshitting with their coworkers on company time?

    just a thought …

  3. Man. We get the smackdown for so much as accessing non-campus websites. Which is okay, but sometimes watching the lobby art gets a bit agonizing. The people in the glass stare back in a rather disconcerting manner.

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