how zen feels about going to the vet

how zen feels about going to the vet

Her actual reaction was ten times more horrifying. Seriously. I didn’t know a cat could make half those sounds. She was terrified, poor girl, but she is going to be just fine.

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5 thoughts on “how zen feels about going to the vet

  1. Tips on Taking Your Kitty to The Vet!

    1) Get a carrier cage that has both a door opening on the side, and a top that opens. It is much easier to loewr a cat into a carrier than to force it through the door.

    2) Make sure that there is a familiar item in the carrier for her. Something soft and travelable. My choice is for a blanket or pillow they are fond of. My Angel has a purple blanket she is extremely fond of, and by putting it in the cage with her, she now has something from home she can snuggle with. Normally, it would be me, but it’s hard to pet a cat on your lap while driving.

    3) On the car ride over, put on their favorite music. Yes, your cat does have a favorite music style, and you really should know it by now. My cat digs soul music.

    4) Talk with your cat in the waiting room. Not only does it calm them down to hear your gentle voice, it also helps you to relax. Going to the vet isn’t only stressful to the pet, you know.

    5) When all is over and you are both home, try cooking dinner for the two of you. My girl knows that if she is good, there will be some grilled chicken waiting for her.

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