unidentified substance

This morning, I arrived at work to find something — emphasis on something, since I have no idea what — splashed all over my desk, including my laptop and connected keyboard, my photos, my calendar … you name it. Tiny gross droplets of grossness. I’m trying to mop them up with a soft rag and just a touch of Windex.

The experiment in pumpkin cheesecake with maple-bourbon sauce was … an experiment, to be sure. I don’t think the cake baked long enough, the crust ingredients need to be crumbled finer, and I whipped the cream for the sauce too early. However, after some conferring with the MSG, I have tweaks in mind for its betterment on Friday. I will post the recipe once it has been successful.

I also baked cornbread, replete with corn kernels, for the cornbread stuffing on Saturday. That recipe was lots of fun, and the end result was gorgeous, not by any effort on my part, but because Cook’s Illustrated is wonderful.

We saw two movies this weekend: “The Terminal”, a saccharine and ultimately uninspiring Spielberg-directed Hanks vehicle, and “Control Room”, its polar opposite, one of the finest documentaries I’ve ever seen. The rest of the non-movie-watching, non-baking time was dominated by EverQuest2. Cygnoir is now a twelfth-level druid! Not bad for a n00b who only gets to play on the weekends. I’m just now getting the hang of quests and how to ask for help from ass-kickers to complete them. Sometimes I get pretty frustrated, because I am so behind on the whole paradigm that what is blatantly obvious and simple to other people is just not for me. Yet. I’m catching up fast! Plus, the MSG offers patient instruction and help. And armor.

P.S. If anyone has a time machine, I need to borrow it. I sort of “forgot” to finish my holiday cards and, um, gift shopping and stuff like that. !whee.

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  1. Pumpkin cheesecake! I did that for Thanksgiving, and it came out fairly well, except it could’ve been sweeter and/or more pumpkin-y. I’m looking forward to seeing your recipe (especially for the sauce!).

  2. Well, if you fear that your messege of the season might be lost, why not use this wonderful medium to say what you need to say to those you love?

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