damaged laptop

damaged laptop

It’s no longer working, and I still have not found the culprit.

Update: The MSG‘s theory is that the battery exploded, which would support the fact that it worked almost all day yesterday, then went into an endless cycle of standby/on/standby/on. This also explains the burning sensation on my hands. What in the world would cause a laptop’s battery to explode, though?

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5 thoughts on “damaged laptop

  1. Dell has had several battery recalls. While “explode” may be too strong a word in your specific instance, since the laptop is still basically intact, it does indeed look to me like the battery has vented. A battery does this when it gets over-heated or over-charged. Did you leave it plugged in all the time? If so, that’s a no-no.

    I would check the Dell recalls and file a claim.

  2. Oh, sorry for two posts…I forgot to add…

    The burning hands are also consistant with a battery having vented. Batteries are full of nasty stuff, mostly acids. That’s why they are covered with warnings not to burn them or toss them in to landfills.

  3. The ex-chemist in me says wash hands thoroughly and sprinkle baking soda on areas to neutralize the acids and then apply some A&D ointment for the burns.

  4. Yes, I was just going to post. DUDE, YOU HAVE A DELL.

    Remember the little girl in Africa? She’s missing legs because of Dell and their laptops (or she is dead).

    Save up that battery juice and serve it to your in-laws 🙂

  5. What chemicals you use to neutralize the electrolyte from a battery depends on the type of battery. NiCad batteries use KOH as an electrolyte, which should be neutralized with a mild acid like vinegar.

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