8 thoughts on “how I look in the mornings

  1. The “Don’t mess with me.” look that usually only other urbanites can appreciate. You do it well, preserving personal space without being mean spirited.

  2. This is random, so bear with me. I ran into your “profile” on an sk2 thread. You piqued my interest, so here I am, checking your site out. You are amazing, your intelligence is completely attractive to me, and the way you put thought into word is vivid and believable. The ‘sides of the bed’ analogy, artwork. AND you dig Scrabble, chess, and D&D. If long-distance-never-met-each-other-total-match crushes worked out, I’d have one. Never lose your mentality.

  3. You look fine to me. That’s how I look in the morning too…well, except for the lipstick…:)

  4. You look like you need Jesus, you sexy …

    Oh wait. Someone already used that one.

    Anyway, you look attractive if a little angry. 🙂

  5. A great pic, despite your obviously negative mood at that time of the morning – a classic, right up there with “A La Car” and “Return Of The Ring”, coming to a blog near you soon !



    P.S. Sorry – can’t seem to stop reading your site…

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