so long

It’s been nearly seven years since I began this journey, this meandering of bits and bytes. Sometimes I knew where I was headed, and sometimes I didn’t, but I always knew I’d get somewhere.

And here we are at somewhere: the end of this journal. Here I am, and I don’t want to walk this path anymore. I don’t want to describe the interior landscape in such excruciating detail. I don’t want to ping the masses instead of confiding in friends. I don’t want to worry about whether or not what I share here will be read. I don’t want to live my life through a lens of what I’ll write about it later.

I just want to live my life.

Thank you to those of you who have shown me kindness. And to those of you who have shown me the opposite of kindness, thank you too. I learned more from you than I cared to admit.

Be good to each other and to yourselves.

35 thoughts on “so long

  1. thanks Halsted, excuse muy poor english … i speak spanish, i’m Carla (17 y.o.)from Lima, Peru and i just reading about you a few months ago, but i learn so many about many things reading you…thanks again and i promisse to be good…

  2. You’ll be missed, dear…but good for you for making a decision for yourself.

    I hope to still see you around my LJ. 🙂

  3. Good Bye, Halsted, and take care. I’m going to miss the occational joy of reading some well written words.

  4. Good bye and see you soon again, for I’m sure you’ll be back eventually. 😉

  5. Drats.

    But I also understand. (Having done the same thing once myself)

    Please feel free to drop by my lj and leave comments.

    (Does this mean I’ll never get another chance at winning a mix CD for a decent suggestion for the Challenge of the Month? Double drats)

  6. ’tis a pity I just happened along towards the end of things, then. Still, one can hope to see you around from time to time in this world of bits and bytes…

  7. We’ll miss you. You were the first person I ever blogrolled, and the first person whoever blogrolled me. You’ve been an inspiration.

    Good luck and best wishes, Eva

  8. H-

    Sorry to see you stop!

    I hope to see you around, it’s been a delight to make your acquaintance.

    j david

  9. It was a pleasure and an inspiration to get to know you, Halsted. I know that I’m not a nice person. Your genuine sophistication, openness and compassion helped me to reexamine myself. I hope this isn’t good-bye, and that we’ll meet again in this “somewhere” that none of us ever really stop heading toward.

  10. Hasta la beandip, m’dear. Please be sure to occassionally include me in that “real world” interaction stuff. You know, an occassional email/phonecall/random “hello” would be grand. i’ll make it worth your while by speaking in a Peter Lorre voice for every 5th sentence, if you ask nicely. 🙂


  11. see, it’s just like you to poetically end your journaling, instead of just dropping off the face of the dictionary like me…

    i’m not worried because i know you will be writing, somewhere, and that’s all that matters.

  12. Bah. No one quits “the family.” We’ll see to that. We’ll PULL YOU BACK IN. And similar mob-related jokes of that nature.

  13. Will this work? Do I belong here?

    But Miz Sted! We will miss you sorely. Be happy and well for us!

    markw (if this works)

  14. nuts.

    every time i find a great blog, the author packs it up within a couple weeks.

    starting to feel paranoid here, but i’m fantastically happy that life is so good for you lately. 🙂

  15. Farewell, graceful swan. I hope life allows you the peace and happiness you so richly deserve.

  16. Oh… truly? I suppose this is better than you gradually dwindling to silence, but…

    No shame in coming back, you know. In changing your mind.

    You are vast, and contain multitudes.

  17. awe 😦 I’ll keep an eye out for you from time to time! ENJOY LIFE 🙂 I am like a yo-yo, I come and go from blog land all the time.

  18. OMG, I’m out on a business trip and I finally find time to check in. I wasn’t ready for this.

    You are a great and good person and I will miss your writings immensely. May the powers that be watch over you and ease your path thru life. Maybe one day our paths will intersect again.

  19. *hugs*, dear. Best of luck in your other pursuits, and stay in touch!

    I know I only started visiting near the end, but I’m already missing it. *snif*

  20. i will miss the beautiful pictures you painted with your words, but i’ll be keeping an eye out and will be ever so excited for seeing you PUBLISH!

    love you always, my dear.

  21. Good luck, ‘Sted. You were the first (and so far only) person whose blog I read regularly. And you blogrolled me too, and I learnt so many things about blogging and other stuff from your site that inspired me to redesign mine from scratch. So I guess this was your swan song – all good things… 😦

  22. You’re a special person, Miss Halsted…

    You’re always welcome on my LJ…cornontheschwab

  23. I missed your blogging terribly the last time you dropped off the net, and now I have to do it again. How sad. I’m glad I got to meet you in Cologne. Your site, for me, was like getting to know you, which was something I couldn’t do as well as those lucky bastards in Cali. Now the triviality of geography will hide your thoughts and words from your friends once again. The Net serves to shrink the world and join people together, but it also can consume. I understand why you must do this, but for selish reasons of my own I wish you hadn’t. Take care of yourself. Maybe I’ll ‘see’ you on EQ2!

  24. fivecats ….. absolutely brilliantly timed.

    Halsted, best wishes for a happy life. Thanks for all that you have shared with us.


  25. 1-0 to the bad webpages to the good ones. What am I going to read NOW when I sit on you? 🙂

    Anyway, I respect your decision and hope that you will make a comeback one day.

    Hope to see you more on #flickr.

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