fetch me a monkey

I am twitchy, so twitchy my twitches are twitching.

I do not have a boss enough ‘puter to run The Sims 2, so I loaded the original onto my laptop, including all of the expansion packs, and immediately created Sims of two of my peeps, wootam and his buddy j. They are living together in a big fancy house with a pool and a hot tub. As soon as I remember how to get pets, they are getting a lizard for the bathroom. Why? Because I couldn’t find the fish tank, so there is now a gigantic terrarium in the bathroom, and lizards live in those. So.

terrarium in the bathroom

I also promised them a monkey. Anyone know where I can get a sim-monkey?

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2 thoughts on “fetch me a monkey

  1. I tried playing the Sims once, but something ran out. I think it was my attention span. I like the beach.

    Lately I’ve just been playing Kingdom of Loathing, which I started playing back in 2004, then abandoned for about a year, and now am uber-obsessed with. There be monkeys there. Not sim-monkeys, but cymbal-playing monkeys. Say it out loud.

    Are you still twitchy? Is the twitchy from withdrawal? Is withdrawal over for you yet? How’s that smoke-free thing going, anywho?

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