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This may only be relevant to Inkbot, but those of you with smaller ears might also be interested.

It is no secret that I absolutely loathe the standard iPod earbuds. Last year I tried the Griffin EarJams, but they just made the unforgiving pieces of plastic larger and unwieldy, so that they were uncomfortable and fell out of my ears constantly. I had some cheapo collapsible Sony headphones for a while, but they died, so I was back to the iPod earbuds and willing to stick it out because I’m really tired of buying substandard crap that doesn’t add value to my life.

Until this morning, when my ears started to bleed.

Thankfully, the eardrums weren’t bleeding, just the skin, but still — if you have never experienced impromptu ear bleeding, consider yourself lucky. It’s creepy and bad and it made up my mind to never use the iPod earbuds again.

But I’ve been sold on the earbud concept, now that I’m over my things-in-ears aversion, because they’re damned convenient. I like being able to shove them into my pocket or purse when I’m not using them. Sound quality isn’t something I worry too much about because my iPod is never on very loud when I’m walking or ferrying anymore; getting hit by a truck made me rethink the whole rockin’ out while commuting concept. Besides, I mostly listen to podcasts and audiobooks, so I just need to hear what people are saying.

I think I’d like to get some nice Etymotic or Shure earbuds someday, when I have an extra hundred or two laying around, but for $10 I picked up a pair of JVC Gumy [sic] Phones and I’m pretty pleased with them. They’re smaller than the iPod earbuds and made out of … something gummy. Silicone? I have no idea. They’re soft plastic, is what I’m saying. At the price point, I’m seriously impressed. They’re pretty comfortable, stay in my ears, and sound much better than the iPod earbuds.

So here is my recommendation for the horribly misspelled yet well-priced JVC Gumy Phones. They come in black, white, pink, green, and blue, although only the earbuds themselves are color; the cords are white. Right now, you can get ’em for $5.99 on Amazon.

In closing, I’d just like to say how annoyed I am at Apple for coming up with such craptastic earbuds. It’s not like they don’t know how to design gorgeous and functional things. Figure it out already!

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5 thoughts on “gummy phones

  1. yikes! glad to hear that your x-files-ear-bud experience has drawn to a gumy close.

    gumy. yeah, that’s just all wrong. 😉

  2. I have a powerbook and the powercord is a piece of shit, and it is a $80 peice of shit! There is about 10 pages of BAD reviews on the apple site. I am happy they allow those reviews.. it’s atleast comforting…

    I use some nike headphones, they have that little thing that wraps around the BACK of your ear, but its flexible and not in a set place. I love them.

    If you ever want a bad for your digital camera, ipod, laptop etc I highly reccomend the Australian Crumpler

    I love their website hehe

    There is even a flickr group dedicated to them!

    I like it cause it doesnt look like a laptop back cause it’s vertical.

  3. Still can’t stand earbuds. My library wants to decree that you can only use headphones at your desk if you stick one in your ear and leave the other one out; I think this is earbud discrimination, since there is no way I can duplicate the feat with my ordinary headphones. They’re open-air headphones, though, and I can hear everything that’s going on around me. I hope this means I can continue to wear them, because in the absence of a raise or some meaningful responsibility, I need SOME way to make the mind-numbingly repetitive work I’ll be doing these next two weeks bearable.

    By the way, put some peroxide or bactine or something on whatever abrasion the earbuds gave you. I caused the most hideous ear infection ever by playing with my tragus rings and accidentally putting one little scratch near my ear canal.

  4. Good Lord. What were you listening to?

    I am a long-time Apple fan but I also try to be realistic about Apple’s track record. Never have I seen a company so frequently and reliably take down it’s shotgun from the rack on the wall, load it, then, taking careful aim, shoot itself in the foot. Repeatedly.

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