thanks, TiVo

Thanks, TiVo, for recording the mildly entertaining yet ultimately pointless “let’s review nearly everything from season two” episode of “Lost” yet NOT THE TWO-HOUR SEASON FINALE.

I checked all the settings — date/time, “keep episodes until I delete them”, season pass priority of #1, etcetera — everything was set correctly. I thought the new Overlap Protection feature was supposed to prevent this from happening, but I guess it doesn’t work if it’s protecting a show from overlapping itself. My brain just broke, typing that sentence.

What sucks the most about this situation is how dependent on TiVo I have become. I don’t own a video iPod. ABC doesn’t repeat these episodes, at least not in a timely fashion. No one I know records TV to VHS anymore. What do I do?

Sign me,
Trying not to sulk in San Francisco.

P.S. In order not to run across any spoilers, I will not be reading any other websites until I get this resolved. If something big happens in your life, please send notice via carrier pigeon.

11 thoughts on “thanks, TiVo

  1. what about doing the bittorrent thing

    it’s how all my friends watch the show seeing as how were’ about 4 months behind, otherwise i could bring a Videotape of it to SF in august 😉


  2. tanya

    Don’t fret! ABC is making episodes available for FREE download via their website. It includes commercials, but then, I suffered through the commercials when I watched it last night. Check ABC’s website today – it should be there.


  3. Peter

    And in case it wasn’t clear why people are suggesting that you download it from iTunes when you don’t have a video iPod, the file is quite viewable right in the app. I’m not crazy about the dimensions of the video (iPod-size when stretched to full screen looks like a kind of crummy second gen videotape), but its still quite watchable.

    The bitTiorrent route is of much higher video quality (and thus much slower download) but there are legal and ethical issues you get to play with going that road — you’re the librarian, so you’ll know those issues already.


  4. Just buy it via itunes and watch it on your mac, that’s what i did all the time before my ipod cause I don’t have tivo and John Stewart is my second husband 🙂


  5. tanya

    Also, saw your LOST links via your feed: you should add, which seems to be THE forum.


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