podcast #3: the buzzer just went off

Yay, it’s the third episode of “… and scene.” Matt and I talk about the doggone funny adventures of Marmaduke, laundry philosophy, only children, the sham of academia, and how I am not a librarian.

3 thoughts on “podcast #3: the buzzer just went off

  1. I have a good book to recommend with regard to adressing some of your concerns about your perception of the ‘sham of academia’, although, it should come as no huge surprise that it is mainly about political science — knowing me and my general studies… But, I believe that some of the main themes to apply to other disciplines as well. It gave me a lot to think about and consider as I’m looking toward finishing my degree soon, too.

    Let me know if it might be something you’d be interested in hearing more about.

  2. I think there’s no obstacle in calling yourself a scholar even when you’re only doing it part time and aren’t involved in academia. A scholarly friend of mine would of course argue that you can’t do it part time… In any way, who sets the “rules” in the domain of what you love and value, is it you, or some faceless institution?

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