frazzle me friday: a day in the life

This week’s Frazzle Me Friday topic comes from Gina: “Tell us about a day in the life of Halsted.” I picked a weekday because my weekends are too varied to sum up in one of these posts.

At 07:00, my BlackBerry’s alarm goes off. If I don’t hit the snooze button, then I have time to check my work email and personal email and read some feeds before hopping in the shower. Zen is on a new diet, so she is ready to be fed before any of that happens.

I try to get out the door by 08:00. When my sleep schedule suffers, this is significantly later, which makes me all wonky because I hate being late. I listen to my iPod (usually podcasts) as I walk to the subway and then ride in to work.

When I arrive at work, I check Outlook first thing before grabbing a coffee from the kitchen. Usually there is something waiting for me to do, perhaps because I am obsessive about my task list in Outlook and create tasks for every little thing. Also, my job is email-heavy, so I have a lot of inbox monitoring to do.

Throughout the day, I have at least one half-hour meeting, usually more. In between meetings, I monkey with the website, update content, sift through XML, grep like a crazy woman, et cetera. I used to get away from my desk for a half-hour for lunch every day, but now I grab something and eat at my desk, or I have lunchtime meetings.

Afternoons can be slower than mornings. I maintain focus by listening to PandoraFM while I’m working and drinking a lot of water, around 2L at last guess. Sometimes when I’m getting a little frustrated or tired, I take five minutes to look out the window at the ferry building, or read my Unix book, or chat with a coworker.

Before I leave work for the day, I get my inbox down to fewer than 10 messages and I eat a piece of fruit or energy bar. I try to get to the gym by 17:30 so I can get a good hour in before my peak alertness begins. Though when my sleep schedule suffers, so does my gym schedule, and “workout” turns into “napout”.

In the evenings, I have a light dinner and then I write. Writing is by far the most important thing in any day for me, so it is a non-negotiable. Sometimes I go out with friends or coworkers, or at SFlickr or writing group meetings. I try not to schedule too many social events in a week because I require a lot of alone time to stay happy and healthy.

Now that I work on the Web all day long, I don’t have much impetus to spend overlong on it at home, but I do like to read email and a few feeds every night. Inkbot and I have just started the last season of “Angel”, so we watch an episode before bed. I would like to say “lights out at 23:00” but it’s been more like 01:00 lately, and that needs to stop.

Wow, how boring did this post end up? So boring! The next Frazzle Me Friday will be better. Along with the suggestions for this week that I didn’t choose, I will consider new ones in comments to this post. Have at it.

8 thoughts on “frazzle me friday: a day in the life

  1. I have to warn you: the last episode of the last season of Angel is gonna mess with you.

    In fact, that’s my recommendation for an upcoming Frazzle.

    Whenever you get around to watching it, write a post about the last episode of the last season of Angel and how it affected/coincided/had nothing to do with your own philosophy of life, the universe, and everything.

    “The New Deal was neither new nor a deal. Discuss!”


  2. yeah, i’m down with the new curfew. i’ve been missing early runs due to staying up so late. angel will have to understand…or try to personally get me up at 6am. his choice! 😉


  3. In the evenings, I have a light dinner and then I write. Writing is by far the most important thing in any day for me, so it is a non-negotiable.

    My suggestion for the next FMF, is to break out that time. What’s it like? Where are you? What’s hard? What’s easy?

    What makes the ink flow?


  4. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 I feel that our routines give insight into who we are and what is important to us. 🙂

    I am so with you on needing alone time to remain happy and healthy. I am trying very hard to say no to activities and purposefully put me time into my very busy schedule.


  5. When she still had her lingerie shop, my mom sold underwear to David Boreanez’s dad, who was a local TV weatherman (possibly still is, as I have not kept up with Philadelphia-area TV newscasts). I am almost positive he was buying it for his wife.

    This has nothing to do with anything. I just thought it might amuse you a tiny bit.


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