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TalkLeft said it best: “We get the Government we elect.”

San Franciscans, I recommend Smart Voter. Californians, I recommend the 2006 California Progressive Voter Guide. And Americans, just get off your whiny, self-aggrandizing asses and vote.

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3 thoughts on “vote today

  1. I take voting very seriously. I have *never* missed a vote that I was eligible to participate in, starting with the Primary of my 18th year (although I was 17 at the time…Kentucky allows 17 year olds to vote in the Primary if they will be 18 by the General Election in November). I’m 45 now…that’s a lot of voting 🙂

    I’m getting ready to go to the polls as I type this (its 6:28 here). Normally, I vote this early because, as corny as it sounds, I am eager to do my duty as a citizen. But this year its different. On one hand I am still eager to do my duty, but on the other I’m so embarrassed by most of the candidates and their mudslinging that I want to get it over with as soon as possible.

  2. Absentee voter. Mailed my ballot in on October 26th to make sure it’d get counted. (Those that are turned in at the polling places don’t always get counted in a timely manner.) Once the Registrar gets my ballot and the campaigns get their updated Registrar’s data that shows my absentee ballot’s been returned, the phone calls drop off precipitously.

    I’ll be watching SF results and CA results and, of course, all those results that might put someone with “San Francisco values” in as Speaker of the House, but I’ll also be watching the MA governor’s race. Our youngest has been devoting hours to Deval Patrick’s campaign.

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