blue skies and all

To those of you who shared your thoughts on the last post, thank you so much. I have always loved the more interactive parts of this journal because they help me understand how other people cope and experience and think and feel. If only I had a threaded commenting solution so I could respond properly. Soon.

But you’ll forgive me if I am a bit distracted at the moment. I’ve had such a shiny day. After six hours in a row of sleep — much more than I’ve had for weeks — I woke up, got ready for work, and picked up an espresso from my new local café. The morning was so glorious that I decided to walk to work. Most of the workday was spent catching up with emails that had been sent while I was in workshops, but my team took multiple breaks to make each other laugh with silly stories. I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair, and my sides still hurt from laughing.

After such an exhausting week, I thought I would take a nap right when I got home, but since I’m over my loss of appetite side-effect, sushi sounded much better. I treated myself to a nice dinner and savored every moment of it. I walked home in the sunshine and listened to all the international students chatting on the hostels’ stoops. It was one of those perfect-temperature San Francisco summer evenings, hovering around 65 degrees, blue skies and all, and I love walking around my neighborhood, so I took the long way home.

When I got to my building, a young man I know who regularly sleeps in the doorways nearby said hello and apologized to me for crouching on the sidewalk. I said he didn’t have to do that, while noticing that he was holding his hand over a hole in a small PG&E vent in the sidewalk. I asked him why he was doing that, and he said it was because sometimes air comes out of the hole. I leaned down to do it too. We crouched like that for a minute or so, but I didn’t feel any air. Still, I thanked him for showing me something new, and he blessed me.

A nap was in the cards after all, followed by some phone conversations and some World of Warcraft. Now I will go to sleep so I can be fully awake for the arrival of my copy of the last Harry Potter book in the morning. I packed a bag to take to the park so I have fortifications while I enjoy the book in the sunshine. After that, I’ll join my team as we dance the night away to ’80s tribute bands at the Rockit Room. I don’t know what I did to deserve such good things in my life, so I’ll stop worrying and just enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “blue skies and all

  1. Darlin’ you deserve such good things in life because you allow yourself to remain open to good things! It’s not always easy because, when we remain open, sometimes bad things sneak in. When that happens the best we can do is thank them for coming, learn all we can from them and then kick them up the arse and send them on their way. Then it’s back to the Good Stuff!

    Hope you enjoyed Harry Potter! I loved it, mostly…


  2. Hi there,

    I love your writing.
    Your posts exude poignancy, hope, and a gentle love of life.


    I’ve tagged you as a “friend” from MyBlogLog. It’s one of those “things about myself” things.

    But I’ve added a bit of a twist to it; you’ve gotta find other bloggers you’re “friends” with, but haven’t really had much contact with.

    Here’s the link:

    Good luck.


  3. Never would have figured you for a WOW fan. Cool. Roomie is a total addict … 4 60’s, 2 70’s (!). Me? Just a mid 50’s Tauren Hunter here, Buckaroo w/ pet Bonzai. yippy kai yea.


  4. read over your ‘games’ section (where u profess a love for scrabble,etc). just to say I bet you would have been a good beta tester for the Football Card/Dice game I created (Called Handoff!) … it’s in hiatus until I get my ‘real world’ job thing together (sigh)… but it’s near ready for development. I guess I am assuming you like American Football, lol.


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