one month of gratitude

My social software habits have become dreadful. My status updates are usually complaints about work or illness, compiled as an archive of generic distress that makes me cringe. I am not a victim of circumstances, and I want to behave accordingly. To this end, each day this month I will attempt to write about the things in my life for which I am grateful.

Today’s subject is the easiest: I am grateful for FunkyPlaid. Yesterday I felt utterly out of sorts by the time I returned home from work, and he listened to me, talked gently to me, drew me a bath and rubbed my aching, neglected feet. I generally avoid thinking about my feet because they creep me out, but today they creep me out a little less. That’s saying something.

Last night is just an example of how kind and generous he is to me. I could write about only him for the entire month, but it wouldn’t be a challenge. Here’s hoping that the last few days I won’t have to resort to topics like “shampoo” and “sporks made from corn”. (But I really do like them both.)

If you’d like to join me in this month of gratitude, please trackback/pingback so I can read your posts!

31 thoughts on “one month of gratitude

  1. I love that you’re doing this. It is such a wonderful exercise and really does wonders for the psyche. Mitch and I do this regularly. We call it “Gratitude Exercises.” We do our exercises just about everyday. Some days the things we are grateful for are the same as the things we mentioned the day before, and that is totally okay. Saturday mornings are our favorite day for gratitude exercises. We tell each other things we’re grateful for in between sips of coffee or tea and podcast plays of NPR programs. Sometimes we get so inspired, we just have to pause the podcast we’re listening to and share the things we’re thankful to have in our lives.

  2. i’m not sure if i can trackback through LJ or not, but i think i’d like to give this a try as well. it might take a few days to get set and ready for it, though…

    this is a great idea. thanks for the inspiration.

  3. This is a splendid idea, and I’m enjoying reading your entries.

    I’d join in, but currently I seem unable to write well in complete paragraphs.

    So far I especially concur with music: if the terrible choice ever presented itself, I’d choose blindness over deafness any day. I can’t imagine life without music.

  4. I started doing a ‘Three Beautiful Things’ series, which is three things that have made you happy each day. Thing is in my busy life, I l never seem to get time to write them anything like every day.

    The original concept was started by Claire from Tunbridge Wells, in England at

    I think I might look at doing a month of your idea though, Halsted. It’s one of those great positive things, which are always good.

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