grateful for bad jokes

So this mushroom walks into a bar, sits down on a stool, and orders a martini.  The bartender looks at him and says, “Sorry, we don’t serve your kind in here.”  The mushroom looks up at the bartender and says, “Why not? I’m a fungi!”

That is one of my favorite bad jokes, although I am pretty fond of just about every bad joke I have ever heard.  I don’t know why this is, and I don’t question it.  I just laugh.

(This entry is part of one month of gratitude.)

7 thoughts on “grateful for bad jokes

  1. A string walks in to a bar. The bartender looks at him and says “We don’t serve strings here!” So the string got up and went out side, tied up his top and pulled out some loose strands, and walked back in. The bartender comes up and says “You were just in here, aren’t you a string?!”, and the string says “No, I’m afraid not”.

    Get it? Afraid not…a frayed knot…yuk yuk yuk!!!

  2. Bacon and egg in a frying pan. Bacon says “Bloody hell it’s hot in here”.

    Egg says “Aaargh! Talking bacon!”

    Two biscuits rolling down the street. One says to the other “So where do you live, then?” The other replies “I’m not telling you, you’ll nick my washing.”

    Can’t have any ‘…walked into a pub’ jokes without pulling up some Bill Bailey, though…

  3. Dude! Someone else told the Frayed Knot joke! That’s my favorite awful joke of all time, and I’ve never heard anyone else tell it (except of course for the person who told it to me).

  4. so a bunch of fungi walk into a bar and they can’t find enough bar stools for the lot of them.

    “sorry,” says the bartender. “we don’t have mushroom in here.”

    thank you. good night.

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