no on prop 8

Attention California voters: Proposition 8 is about discrimination, fair and simple.  Vote NO on Prop 8.

Scalzi said it much better than I ever could:

This is why every single potential supporter of Proposition 8 should be looked square in the eye and asked if they are truly and seriously ready to say that that they personally are prepared to destroy already existing, already legal marriages — if they are truly and seriously ready to say that they know better than the people in a marriage whether that marriage should be allowed to exist — if they are truly and seriously ready to say to two married people, “you two don’t deserve to be married, and I intend to kill your marriage now.”

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5 thoughts on “no on prop 8

  1. It is unfortunate that the right to marry was granted in the first place. Now it’s just going to be that much more painful to give them up.

  2. Prop 8 isn’t about discrimination; it is about changing the legal definition of marriage. There is already a law on the books in CA that provides the same rights, protections and benefits for domestic partnerships. All of th esame regulations and responsibilities that are granted *to* and imposed *upon* spouses. The law is California Family Code– section 297.5
    People truly need to do their own research and not rely upon anyone else to spoon feed them what they should vote for, or against, or to come to an understanding of any issue.

  3. Hannah, I have done my own research. Before you start commenting your own opinion in my journal, you might want to do yours.

    Domestic partnership is not the same as marriage. A domestic partnership does not grant the same federal rights as a marriage, because of the DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), and may not be legally recognized outside its state of origin.

    Prop 8 is a case of discrimination because certain people — same-sex couples, in this case — are being discriminated against. The comparison has been made to the Jim Crow laws of segregation, the concept of “separate but equal”, which was also discrimination.

  4. Oh, I did indeed do my research 🙂
    These two camps (those who only support marriage between a man and a woman, and those who want to change that) will not see eye to eye on this. Much like abortion issues. We are all free though in this nation to have and hold our own opinions. I’m not concerned about changing or altering your opinion. Or anyone’s.
    That there are differing opinions is a wonderful thing about our nation.
    Expressing them, so long as it is free of bigotry (and yes, both sides of this issues have bigots who belong to them!), is something that can be a strength to our nation. It’s not the differing of opinions, it’s the hate and rudeness that cause sore division.
    And if you read carefully, I wasn’t accusing *you* of not doing your own research. The above commenter, Prop 8 unsure, was glad blogs were making this issue clear. I know there are many more who are unclear on it, and are looking to biased sources. That is worrisome.
    I want to encourage others to do their *own* research. I was in *no* way attacking your opinion or support of Gay marriage. Or anyone else’s. I simply want people to take to studying the law and codes!! It’s so important that we each understand these thing for ourselves! The laws and codes are available for *all* to read, study and come to a comprehension that can lead them to form their own opinion.
    I find it sad when people rely on news, media, famous people, fads, or bloggers to distill knowledge and understanding.
    It’s frightening because they then go vote without perhaps knowing their own mind or the issues at hand (and the costs at stake).

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