harder hit

Loquat “Harder Hit” from Evan Lane on Vimeo.

I am a brand-new listener of Loquat, thanks to my friend Mirth, although Last.fm tells me I heard one track of theirs years ago. It must have been while I was distracted at work.

This song gives me chills.

Loquat will play the Bottom of the Hill on Saturday, 31 January.

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4 thoughts on “harder hit

  1. Oh man, I didn’t tell you about Loquat? Man…I dug on them when I first moved to SF. I bought a shirt and CD and everything!

  2. the visuals are reminiscent of a french film from the 1960s called “The Red Balloon”. (for some reason i saw this film several times as a kid) i believe it’s on youtube nowadays.

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