wedding planning mode enabled

When my mom arrived on Monday, she asked me all sorts of questions about the wedding. I knew that I should have answers to at least some of these questions already, but I didn’t. I left her with a lot of blanks to be filled in shortly, so that when I took the day off work on Friday we could deal with some preliminary logistics.

Bridezilla I am not. Our wedding day, though magnificent I am sure, will be a day, not the judgment on the rest of our lives together. The world will not implode when (not if) we have to compromise on some of the details. As a result of all this realism, I found myself at a planning loss. I couldn’t visualize anything specific that would help to kick my planning mode in gear.

So there we were in Britex, looking for colors for my wedding gown — “just colors,” Mom said, not pressuring me one bit — and before I knew it a salesperson had yanked out two fabrics, put one on top of another, and my eyes filled with tears.

It finally hit me, the full force of it, right there in Britex. We’re getting married! And some switch just flipped, so look out: here comes Ultra-Planning-Mode ‘Sted.

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5 thoughts on “wedding planning mode enabled

  1. awww, you know that getting all misty eyed had to happen sooner or later.

    I wouldn’t see it so much as you turning into a monster as black swans naturally pecking people to death when annoyed.

  2. Awww…it is kinda funny to hear you say that. I was exactly like you…I even ordered my wedding dress from a catalog without trying it on. But when I got it, put it on in my step daughter’s bathroom-I got teary. No one else was home, so I had to call my mom and gush. I got married in Mexico….not much planning until we got there and it took 20 minutes. I am sure you’ll have a lovely day! And I am sure that a bridezilla you are not-nor will become. Even if you are in super planning mode. when is the date? Take care sted….carah….I will get used to the name thing

  3. Yay! I am so happy for you 🙂 A friend of mine recently got engaged and I had to force her into a similar experience to jump start her into planning mode. It’s a great moment.

    I agree that regardless of how your wedding turns out, the life you build together is the important part — and I think you two have a great start. ❤

  4. I got mooshy, too – and I’ve been married twice! I followed my sister around a fabric store clutching my bolt of fabric and crying. It was ridiculous, but also sweet! I’m very happy for you both.

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