little box of money

Princess Obvious makes an announcement: weddings are expensive.

They are not the kind of expensive that makes me want to save up my money and splurge eventually. They are the kind of expensive that makes me count how many Apple products we could be buying with this unheard-of sum, and then quote that number at inopportune moments.

“Two iMacs. That ALONE is going to cost us TWO IMACS.”

But the sum has been heard, many times before, and will continue to be heard as long as we as humans consider this tradition an important part of our culture. I know I can’t think of these numbers in daily-life terms.

The difficulty I am having, I have pinpointed, is feeling like I am worth the fuss of something this expensive.

Not that I think I’m worthless, no! But perhaps I am worth just a little box of money, not a big one. Money has always been a complex emotional subject for me, and the wedding is throwing it into sharp relief. I have to get over it soon, or the next eleven months are going to be much more difficult than they need to be.

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2 thoughts on “little box of money

  1. yeah, that’s one of the reasons we never bothered. there were a million other things we’d rather spend money on, and weren’t altruistic enough to think that throwing a big party for our friends was something we particularly wanted to do.

    one question, though – what would you do with the 17 or 18 imacs that this is gonna cost ? you can only fondle one at a time. maybe two 😛

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