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Due to this annoying stomach bug, I am not at the TMBG concert tonight. I am trying not to be bitter about it.

In an effort to avoid this bitterness, I have been distracting myself with other media. Earlier, I watched “WALL-E”, which was even better than I thought it would be. Then I downloaded a demo of a new game by Amanita Design called Machinarium. If you like puzzles and robots and grungy animation set to a gorgeous soundtrack, you will like this demo.

The cute robot is a newly-discovered and powerful weapon in my anti-bitterness arsenal.

One thought on “cute robots

  1. 1) WALL-E is the best film ever made about the environment.

    2) Remind me to photograph my collection of tintoy (and related) robots for you some time. This is also something I need to do for myself so it shouldn’t be hard.


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