5 thoughts on “poll: your favorite and least favorite words

  1. My least favorite word is ‘Awesome’. Why? Because it’s such a completely overused superlative, that it really ceases to have real meaning in my view.

    A one is a lifetime experience, perhaps the view from a mountain, or to go sky-diving, or swim with dolphins, can surely be awesome. Using it to describe everyday things with such regularity is not, in my view correct usage.

    I hear it so much, that I’ve almost grown to dislike hearing the word at all!

    (By the way, I got here from Plurk, thought you might like to know!)


  2. As with most of my favorites, I’d have chosen something different yesterday and would veer in another direction tomorrow. Right now both “languid” and “slovenly” sound good. The letters and sounds have a good sense of fit.

    I honestly can’t think of a least favorite word. “Unimaginative”, perhaps, he said archly.


  3. 5m4llP0X

    Favorite: Cactus. Cacti are easily some of the greatest and least respected plants on the planet.
    Least: Phone. I really dislike them, especially when working in a call service industry.


  4. Like: ‘minion’. Did you know ‘information’ has the anagram ‘minion of art’? I didn’t until the other day while working on anagram poems.

    Dislike: ‘moron’. It came up too much in the same effort.


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