One more week.

The winter semester starts next Monday, as does my new job, so I have one more week to power through my to-do list before the big items hit. These items are very exciting, I assure you, the kind of exciting that I have been putting off for months. Yet I persist. I am also trying some new recipes so that I will have more momentum to cook dinner regularly. Tonight I made another salmon dish, although I still have yet to find that perfect salmon cooking temperature and time. I made balsamic maple glaze from this recipe, and I liked the taste a lot. Paired with my favorite roasted potatoes with sage brown-butter sauce recipe, it was a nice, cozy meal.

Today I thought I might run some errands or clean my closet, but instead I did some file and finance reorganization. I am working on scanning the documents I only need soft-copies of, then shredding the originals, but I need a nice big external backup drive first. Any recommendations?

I thought Holidailies was over, but it continues for another couple of days. I did not do so well at the end of December, and have only the World of Warcraft to blame. The good news is that I have almost won the World of Warcraft, so we can all go back to our other hobbies soon. Maybe mid-March.

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  1. Wendy

    I don't exactly have a suggestion re: hard drives, but there has been some purchasing and researching of them recently here in my house. My housemate has a very large network drive that we all share, and that is fantastically useful for shared music, movies, ebooks and pictures. If you go this route, get one with expandable space, — I.E. the ability to add more drives, or the ability to replace existing drives with bigger ones. He uses an HP, but it's fairly old, I'd research that from scratch if I were you. These have the disadvantage of being spinning disks, so if they are knocked over by cats or visiting small humans, there is the potential to lose data. However, they tend to stay static, in one (probably) protected space, and the sharing is very nice. Also, you don't have to plug in to access them, they're just available on your wireless network.

    If this is purely for personal use, then go for a 'portable' USB drive. There are plenty out there for ~$100, at around a TB, and they're all pretty much the same. I have a Western Digital Passport, it's been beaten around, dropped, stepped on and lost in the piles of my desk, and never suffered any harm. The durability is the advantage, and it's a big one, just about everyone I know has lost important data from a cheapo external hard drive. The disadvantage is the USB – you've got to connect to access and/or add to your disk. Consequently I don't back up as often as I should.

    Overall, if you're willing to spend a decent amount of money and invest in an upgradeable setup, I'd get a network hard drive enclosure from a reputable brand like Western Digital, Seagate, HP etc. However, if price is an issue, or you want it to be yours and yours alone, then go with a portable.

    Oh, and whenever I see the word Salmon written, it makes my tongue curl. Why isn't it pronounced Sal-mon? Ya' Mon?


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