Historic Bernal Heights Coca-Cola Sign Outlawed

I had the pleasure of photographing this sign during a SFlickr photostroll a few years ago. Although I am no fan of the brand, I care about protecting the sign as a piece of San Francisco history.

If you care too, please help me in searching the San Francisco Historical Photograph Collection for evidence that the sign existed before 1965. I have already searched Flickr Commons, to no avail, but could always use a triple-check. The sign is located at the corner of Tompkins and Banks.

(via James)

Update, 17 February 2011: I searched Flickr Commons, but found no results. I also searched the San Francisco Historical Photographs collection at SFPL, but didn’t find anything there either. I contacted SF City Guides and the Mechanics’ Institute Library. The latter pointed me to the California Historical Society’s photograph collection. Then I remembered that SFPL recently digitized their city directories. I found “Tipton’s Gro” at 601 Tompkins on page 828 of the 1964-65 directory. This does not prove that the Coca-Cola sign existed, but searches for Tipton’s Grocery/Grocers may uncover something. I hope this helps.

6 thoughts on “Historic Bernal Heights Coca-Cola Sign Outlawed

  1. you might check the old city directories to see when or if there was a grocery store at that address. Oh if only you had old city directories easily available to you! 😉

  2. I live just a few blocks away from this sign and echo your sentiments. Thanks so much for your efforts to save this piece of history! As frustrating as it is, I am excited that we'll unearth more knowledge about this city and neighborhood's history.

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