Irony, misogyny, and The Decemberists

I like The Decemberists, but some of what L.V. Anderson said in this “review”, like this quote, made me consider why I like them. The word “review” is in quotes because it does not say much about the new album.

Regardless of Meloy’s artistic intentions, The Decemberists’ music creates a space where people who are normally constrained by political correctness—well-educated, politically liberal, upper-middle-class, mostly white people—can enjoy uncomplicated misogynistic fantasies. The Decemberists capitalize on people’s unspoken chauvinism, their inner animalism, and they send the message that it’s unproblematic—even empowering!—to enjoy misogyny, so long as you couch it in florid language and pseudo-historical settings.

One thought on “Irony, misogyny, and The Decemberists

  1. Thanks for the thought-provoking link, which is always good.

    I feel the author could be going too far to claim Meloy as a white, indie Ludacris—surely, even to the misogynistic fantasist, there’s a difference between something set in the past and something set on the other side of town?

    That said, the new album is indeed sunnier. I like it a lot.

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