A song a day, day 27: a song that you wish you could play.

From the song a day meme: a song that you wish you could play.

I have this funny idea that someday I will return to voice lessons and also learn the guitar. At that future point, I would like to play this song.

I first heard Emily Picha’s song “So Long” but I do not remember where or when, exactly. These lyrics got me:

and so long, dear
this is a new moon, this is a glory day
this is a 747 strutting down the catwalk to sail away

“So Long” is from her first album, and her music has only gotten better. Recently I listened to “Westerly” for the first time and was entranced by her intricate yet not overwrought melodies. I want someone with proper music-reviewing skills to tell you about her music. At least one of you is reading this, so go listen, then come back here and use words good, please and thank you.

Emily Picha — “Divisadero”

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