Screencap from Don't Stop Believin' Lipdub

Don’t stop believin’, a lip dub for FunkyPlaid.

After 299 emails, 5.09 GB of movies, weeks of very little sleep, and so much iMovie-bashing, I present my birthday gift for FunkyPlaid, a lip dub of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated, who lent moral support, who tolerated my dithering over the choice of song, and especially to the Gamescape crew who stealthily set everything up to show him the video at the store tonight.

(He was floored.)

I regret not being able to include more of everyone. There was just too much rock for one video.

8 thoughts on “Don’t stop believin’, a lip dub for FunkyPlaid.

  1. I loved every second of this, and was particularly charmed by the two dudes who poured out their bags of dice. A fantastic labor of love. Brava!

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