HIDWtS: Primal urges.

Today’s episode of How I Decide Where to Sit is sponsored by that weird impulse to run for the shuttle even when I have decided not to run.

Tuesdays are early shuttle days because the just-on-time shuttle is usually packed, and I have already clarified my feelings on being an aisle-stander. I left the house with enough time to make the early shuttle with a Muni boost, which usually ends up being the opposite but I took the chance anyway.

I arrived a block away from the shuttle stop just as it was scheduled to leave. Recently I decided never to run for a bus because it seemed like I was always running for buses, and if my life should ever flash before my eyes, I don’t want it to be a montage of me Chariots-of-Fire-running for a freaking bus. So I told myself no way, no how would I ever be running for a bus again.

While the brain is a rock, the body is a Muppet, and sees the shuttle start to close its doors, does a frantic Kermit arm-flail, and takes off running. WHAT THE HELL, body. We DECIDED. Kermit-body is extremely pleased to catch the shuttle! Look what we did! And only a little sweaty! Rock-brain is unhappy at being shown up this way, and vindictively chooses a seat next to an unhappy-looking and tiny man.

The tiny man is so still on the way to work that I glance sideways a few times to make sure he is breathing. Also I concentrate very hard on erasing any appearance of my running from his life-flashes tape, just in case.

HIDWtS Rating: Kermit likes to RUN!

4 thoughts on “HIDWtS: Primal urges.

  1. Hi Cyg. I also have the Policy of never running after buses. (I am not a dog am I). It is a very good Policy if you live in a wintry climate. I once saw a lady run after the bus, she slipped, dropped her handbag under the bus which crushed her glasses, cellphone and more.  And broke her ankle! So since then I´d rather wait for the next bus…


  2. I’m always puzzled by the people who run in BART stations.  They can’t see if a train is approaching, so in case it is they run, but in case it isn’t they only half run.  And what determines where they start their half running?  Is the distance different for each of them?


    1. For me, the point where I start running (or half-running) is when I decide I won’t catch the train unless I do. That is a pretty loose judgment, though.


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