Day 57 of Project 365: metroku

Someone left their half-done sudoku (sorry, metroku) on the bus today. I like doing sudoku, but I haven’t in a while. In fact, I haven’t since I read an op-ed piece in some newspaper I’ve forgotten that said sudoku was a waste of time. I started to wonder if it really was a waste of time … and then I was spending time wondering if I was wasting my time instead of doing sudoku.

57.365: metroku

The idea of wasting time has been on my mind a lot lately. Today, the news of Harvard Library’s massive reorganization and layoffs has me wondering if I have wasted my time with graduate school. Whenever I fool around with my website, I wonder if that is time better spent doing something else.

I don’t know. I don’t know, and I am beginning to suspect that worrying about wasting time is, in fact, the waste of time. The rest of it is just … spending time. Regardless of how you choose to do that, who decides if it is a waste?

8 thoughts on “Day 57 of Project 365: metroku

  1. I have another friend on my LJ friends list who works for the Harvard Libraries, and so my first thought on reading this was, “Oh crap, I wonder how she’s doing?” And then, of course, the next entry on my friends page was her (more direct) reaction.

    Re: wasting time, I’ve come to the opinion that everything I’ve ever done for myself that ended up being fulfilling seemed like a waste of time when I was doing it. So just rock that wasted time, as far as I’m concerned!


    1. I’ve posted another link about the Harvard Library debacle:

      I think I agree with you on the wasting time thing … but was feeling pretty awful about the former issue yesterday, and it colored everything else.


  2. One of the things that always tops the lists of dying people reflecting on their lives is “I wish I hadn’t spent so much time worrying about things that didn’t matter.”  Now, I’m not saying that finding your purpose in life and living with strong intention isn’t worth thinking about, but worrying if you’re doing too much of it or too little might be.  : )

    You chose your path for a reason.  Go back to that reason, consider it anew in light of where you are now, what  you’ve learned (about that path, about yourself, etc) and see what changes you’d like to make and what path you’d like to head towards next.

    Being as clever, honest, and introspective as you are I’m sure you’ll find your way.


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