Day 59 of Project 365: blueglow

Sunrise today in San Francisco: 07:22. In Edinburgh: 08:31.

Sunset today in San Francisco: 17:21. In Edinburgh: 16:26.

I didn’t consider seasonal affective disorder to be a foregone conclusion after the move, but here it is. Exercising outside helps, but sometimes the weather prevents that from being a viable option in daylight.

But I’m not giving up. Last week, I began taking a daily Vitamin D supplement. A friend recommended this model of SAD light, and after a conversation with my dad about my lowered mood, he sent one as an early birthday gift.

59.365: blueglow

Tomorrow morning I will embrace the blue glow of my new gadget, and hope for sunnier times inside my head.

10 thoughts on “Day 59 of Project 365: blueglow

    1. Hiya! I just started light therapy a few minutes ago, my first treatment. As @73055f7088a8f0997cd2e8fd57a72d64:disqus suggested below via the link, I am also trying the Vit-D supplement in the morning too. I was taking it in the afternoon or evening, prior to this.


  1. Some people have been reporting a noticeable difference from what time of day they habitually take their vitamin D — better in the morning. I figure it doesn’t hurt to try.


    1. Thanks for the link, Darius! As stated above to @Sylphon:disqus I just took my Vit-D this morning and will try that schedule instead.


  2. I’ve had to deal with SAD, since returning to PA from GA. The first winter here I was always tired and overly depressed, which I didn’t immediately realize was SAD, since I was so very glad to be back in PA. I’ve been taking vitamin B complex supplements along with vitamin D supplements daily since the end of that first winter. They have been tremendously helpful, and I realize your daylight hours are even more limited than mine, but I hope the vitamins are as helpful to you as they were for me. I hope you’ll let me know if you think the light therapy is additionally helpful.


    1. I am glad to hear that the supplements worked for you. As a former PA resident, I know that I would have to do supplements/light therapy there now during the winters. It is just so bleak. 

      I just started the first light therapy treatment a few minutes ago and will be giving everyone here the full report!


  3. I have this light.  I use it to help adjust my sleeping schedule.  Every morning for about 45 minutes.  I haven’t been diligent enough to notice a change yet.  


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