Day 91 of Project 365: Busspotting

Somewhat less heroin-fuelled than trainspotting, busspotting is a hobby of the misspent thirty-something expat in Edinburgh.

No, no buses are in this photo. No trains, either, even though I was right next to the train station. I completely failed at photographing either of the two interesting subjects near this location.

Regardless of my photographic shortcomings, I had a great time at volunteering, took a new bus route to the Central Library, picked up my very first library loan here, and got to Skype with my mom, too. It’s been a lovely birthday eve.

Speaking of birthdays, the virtual birthday party is on this year, just a little delayed due to timezone changes. More on that in the next post!

2 thoughts on “Day 91 of Project 365: Busspotting

  1. We spent part of an afternoon in the Perth library during our last trip to Scotland.  Bonn wanted internet access for… something.  The librarians were so wonderfully helpful to a pair of obvious tourists.  It made me proud to have my MLS.

    (I even kept the temporary library card they gave me so I could get my laptop on their wifi network.  I love bookmark-able souvenirs.)

    Happy Happy Joy Joy a day early!


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