Day 97 of Project 365: 2000

My Lamy 2000 fountain pen has a sharp, precise nib that complements my tiny printing. It often runs out of ink because I use it so much.

Day 97 of Project 365: 2000

Today I found out that one of my stories has been accepted for publication. To say I am thrilled is too vast an understatement. When it happens next month, I will post a link to it. Until then, I’ll just be over here not jinxing anything …

6 thoughts on “Day 97 of Project 365: 2000

  1. Yesterday I saw a “LOST: FOUNTAIN PEN. $500 REWARD” poster on a pole here in downtown SF. I thought, “Yeah, I can dig it.”


  2. Major, non-jinxing congratulations on the story!  I’m looking forward to seeing the link.

    I used to get fountain pen catalogs that were filled with excessively expensive pens.  It seems to me that overall fountain pen technology hasn’t drastically improved over the past decades to warrant that sort of price.  Instead, they’re being sold as collector’s items, which goes so against what they should be used for that they leave me more annoyed than anything. 

    As long as I can have my extra-fine nib, I don’t care cheap the pen is.


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