Day 113 of Project 365: Lonely

O, Zen. She wanders through the flat at night and cries and cries. I scuttle after her, attempting to figure out what’s wrong. Food? No, you’ve eaten already. Water? Bowls are full. Litter? Just scooped.

Then I pick her up and cuddle her, and she immediately stops crying and starts purring. She used to hate being cuddled, fiercely independent thing that she is, but in her older age she gets lonely and needs to be held.

Day 113 of Project 365: Lonely

4 thoughts on “Day 113 of Project 365: Lonely

  1. Oh what a sweet face! our 17 year old grand dame also is displaying that sort of need to be petted (she still hates to be held, but she likes to be near you.


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