Day 183 of Project 365: Glass Half Empty

Today I had one of those days that would have been much better with that positive outlook I mentioned yesterday. I had fun things scheduled that I had to miss due to my faulty immune system, and instead of looking on the bright side I was an utter grump about it all day long. I’m in bed now with some back issues of Library Journal.

Tomorrow will be better.


6 thoughts on “Day 183 of Project 365: Glass Half Empty

  1. I hope you’re feeling better.

    I’m thinking about subscribing to Library Journal — although I already have a hard enough time keeping up with my subscriptions to YALSA, Public Libraries, and American Libraries. Are you liking it? (LJ gives book reviews and it would give me access to online SLJ reviews.)


    1. Quite honestly, I find Library Journal to be mostly worthless but for the book reviews. If I had the cash, Library Quarterly would be the only subscription I’d have.


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